Although, they called her YOUNG and NAIVE She had a PASSION for life that never ceased Filled with INNOCENCE, KIND and CARING She’s a DREAMER, with a touch of BOLD and DARING CONQUER the WORLD, an easy task That chapter ended, now it’s the past   Innocence, something only a child can know Callused … Continue reading WHAT’S IT ALL FOR?

—The Maze of LIFE—

The maze seems never ending Go straight the road keeps bending There’s the end I found the way So clear I see it Instead I stay Destiny I see the gate Pray for forgiveness trust the fate Destiny my fates deserved Forgive me let these words be heard I lived in lack and poverty Felt … Continue reading —The Maze of LIFE—

**Soul’s Who Are Searching**

He said little angel just take my hand I am your teacher lets walk in the sand Everything is perfect on the other side The clouds all go away and you can see the light Souls who are searching will always find The teacher who will bring them their peace of mind He said were … Continue reading **Soul’s Who Are Searching**