SMILE… It could CHANGE your LIFE!!!

How does your body wear happy? Maybe the corners of your lips turn up, you throw your shoulders back and lift your chest. How does your body wear sadness? Do you throw your shoulders forward, your chest sinks in and you turn your lips down? If you were to take the shape of happy into your body would your emotional being feel happy? Try it now. Just smile and see how you feel.

Intimidated by YOGA? Maybe you should be…

Simply put, yogis show up when others cant find the strength! Know that on the mat you will look directly into the eyes of your biggest demons and be forced to conquer or be defeated and walk away. These demons are our biggest fears, those fears like; failure, not being good enough or worthy of love. Not everyone is cut out to be a yogi…it takes a certain type. You must BE BRAVE, strong and bendable, because yoga will test your limits and the weak WILL break.

LOVE is the TRUTH!

Or are you one of the few that is waking up to the feeling that something is wrong, recognizing your soul is slowly dying, your passion dwindling and your heart is breaking. And you know there must be something more to life. Are you are ready to know what it feels like to love and be loved and reignite your passion for living?

Are you disgusted with you?

Are You Disgusted With You? Have you decided it is okay for you to criticize your body, chastise and fill yourself with loath over the way your middle toe is oversized or your belly a little too soft? Maybe you have stretch marks or your hair is too thin. You have decided that you can … Continue reading Are you disgusted with you?

HardKnocks 101 ( Give Change For Change)

Hardknocks 101 Real life sh$%t  lesson one... YOUNG, NAÏVE, she loved to daydream Special, the kind you know, ideas, dreams CONQUER the WORLD, an easy task, Reality hits That chapter done,  the past New chapter 16, she’s a MOTHER, The LOVE of her CHILD,  like no other Her family said “Your new home the street”, … Continue reading HardKnocks 101 ( Give Change For Change)

**How to find the OASIS in the DESERT**

  Have you become an expert at gathering information? Yes, of course you have! You have been trained since early childhood, to filter through information to find the answer. Society has provided you with tools and resources filled with the answers to all of your questions right at your fingertips. Then one day we wake … Continue reading **How to find the OASIS in the DESERT**


  Although, they called her YOUNG and NAIVE She had a PASSION for life that never ceased Filled with INNOCENCE, KIND and CARING She’s a DREAMER, with a touch of BOLD and DARING CONQUER the WORLD, an easy task That chapter ended, now it’s the past   Innocence, something only a child can know Callused … Continue reading WHAT’S IT ALL FOR?