How to never have to work one more day in your life!!

Are you stressed out and as a result experiencing depression, anxiety or poor health? Are you stuck in the cycle of wake up, go to work, go home, sleep just to do it all again tomorrow and the only way you can see to escape this hamster wheel is an unbelievable stroke of luck like winning the lottery? If you answered “no” you are one of the few who are already living a work free, passion filled, purpose driven life but, if you answered “yes” you have likely bought into the belief system passed down by our elders. Remember when dad used to say, “You must earn a living, the harder you work the more you should get paid and back-breaking work is what earns respect, nobody gets a free ride.” Isn’t it time that we challenge these old beliefs?

Where has all the PASSION gone?

You excitedly find your seat in the theater, anxiously awaiting the next box office hit, with hopes of an emotional journey filled with peaks and valleys. Mindlessly eating handfuls of popcorn and indulging in sour patch kids or licorice ropes you are strapped in and ready for a roller coaster ride of sensation. Having surfed … Continue reading Where has all the PASSION gone?