Pura Vida

Every year I go to Costa Rica and every year it gets harder to return home. I asked myself what is it that is so magical about Costa Rica and the answer that always comes to me is... PURA VIDA My biggest take away from the retreat to Costa Rica this year is "Life is … Continue reading Pura Vida


Force = Resistance

The yoga practice is a long awaited reuniting of all the aspects of self, the necessary parts that make you whole, content and happy. This miraculous practice is a process that allows the healing power of awareness to move back into the subtle body, like plugging a dying battery back into an outlet, it recharges you.

The Eye Of the Storm

The Eye of The Storm   Yoga isn’t about avoiding life. Do you see yogis and envision them rushing off to meditate in the Himalayan Mountains? Do you think of the peaceful warrior and struggle to see an activist capable of change. As a society we have an innate belief that change means shaking things … Continue reading The Eye Of the Storm

***Do you even know what HAPPINESS is??***

Do you know what your happiness is?? We seem to be stuck on the proverbial hamster wheel, working towards profit and fame and idea of happiness that is being sold to us with an agenda through consumerism. We all think that the answers will be there at the top and we give up everything along … Continue reading ***Do you even know what HAPPINESS is??***

**If it looks like Judgment, feels like Judgment, it’s probably Judgment!!**

How many times have you marveled at the ability of a child to say it like it is. They just speak what they see without any judgment. They haven't had a life time to gather up opinions of what they are seeing so they just notice, observe and say it. Just as easily as they … Continue reading **If it looks like Judgment, feels like Judgment, it’s probably Judgment!!**