What is trying to leave your Life?

I have survived many devastating storms in my life! So, many that you would think if I spotted a storm coming I may run and hide! This is going to sound crazy but, the truth is, I often find myself praying for a storm. Sometimes it seems my whole life has been swept up in a hurricane of chaos.  The gusts of wind and rain show up in the form of; loss, change, letting go, heartbreak, devastation and even despair. I used to let myself get swept up in the storm and get tossed around and some of the storms would be so violent I would be left broken! Like a tornado the swirling winds of emotions would leave me disoriented and I would start to believe the stories of my ego even telling them to anyone that would listen. “Poor me! Life is so hard.” I would say.

Thankfully over twenty years ago I met a good friend named Yoga. Who has since become my greatest teacher. Every yoga practice began to feel like a tiny storm rushing through my body and my belief system destroying old beliefs. Yoga have taught me that nothing leaves your life unless it is no longer serving you or without filling the space with something better. Now, I Pray for the storm and when it arrives I smile because I know my teacher has arrived and the growth I have been wanting is here and there is no turning back! The trick is… I cant allow myself to get caught up in the chaos of the storm. Because I know that for creation destruction is always necessary. Just like any good storm, I know it is natures way of cleansing, purifying, and washing away the debris that were weighing me down and keeping me from my true purpose. Yep, I know sometimes I need a good storm. The key is, to find time to be still (meditate, practice yoga, take a walk) and in the stillness ask when this storms blows through leaving behind destruction, what to I want to build in its place? I never focus on the destruction… Instead I connect with gratitude for the opportunity to start fresh.

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