Have you Forgotten?

 “O monkey, disillusioned by our curse, you will for a long time be unaware of your own strength,.” This was what was said to Hanuman, the monkey headed, Diety in the Hindu myth just before his super powers were taken from him. In the myth it is said that “the power of the words of the great sages, left Hanuman deprived of his strength.”  However, there was no magic. His powers weren’t really taken from him. He was just put into a trance where he forgot he had ever had them. He only finds his powers again when he is reminded.

What if you, like Hanuman, have fallen into a trance and forgotten your powers? What if you have been limited by the great sages in your life who have told you to “Be careful, slow down or you will get hurt. I am telling you this for your own good. Life is hard. You have your limits. Don’t take chances, be safe!”

You see in the myth of Hanuman he was born of the wind and given limitless powers. If he could dream it he could do it. But, he was mischievous and curious. His constant disruptions while the holy men and Rishis were trying to perform their rituals got to be too much. He would playfully put out their fires When he mistook the red, rising sun for a giant berry in the sky and tried to eat it the rishis placed the curse. As children, we are very impressionable. We learn about our realities by watching, experiencing and listening to the powerfully impactful words of our parents and other people we have deemed to be our teachers. We have been programmed with a set of beliefs that become the confines from which our world is perceived. Usually this is very limiting .

Have you ever tried dreaming without limits and when you let your imagination soar does it come to a screeching halt the moment you run your idea through the filter of your beliefs? Does your disillusioned mind will only let you see your limitations. Do you have the desire to awaken from the curse that is limiting you? We have witnessed our limitless capacity through technological developments.

Remember when an airplane seemed like an impossible dream? How can metal fly? Now everyday 1000’s of 450 ton hunks of metal fly in the air and we believe in them so much that we get into these things. It started with a dream. A dream that sat way outside the beliefs of what was possible at that time. The wright Brothers broke the illusion they dreamed it and believed in their dream even when there was no evidence to show it could work. Remember when having a machine with the ability to save and change information, seemed amazing? Now we carry phones in our pockets that can reach someone across the world within seconds. What once seemed impossible is just part of our everyday life. These revelations weren’t that long ago! It took a visionary to see outside the confines of common belief and it only became reality when they were able to get the world to believe them one person at a time.

Joseph Campbell said.. “These Myths are public dreams” He believed that we could use these myths and ancient stories as guides out of our limiting beliefs. In our dreams we can fly, love, create without limits. Our dreams are our private myths. I urge you to start dreaming. Daydream without limits. See yourself flying. Imagine what you would do if anything was possible and there was no such thing as failure! Dream again and watch your life change as boundaries fall away and your world opens back up!

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