A Contemplative Conversation about LIFE

Here is a conversation between myself and a fellow yogi after a Realizing Your Dreams session…I love the questions that the workshop stimulated in the mind of this attendee. This man works at Microsoft and lives in Kirkland. He represents many of us right now trying to navigate Life is a way where you can blend Joy, Spirituality, Family and a corporate Career.

Hi Debbie,

Thanks for the great session and your time, I had some belief on the topic you discussed and sometimes tried the technique for smaller things. Asking the universe worked sometimes for me and I am very glad when you shared your practical experiences, now I can apply on larger things.

GIVE abundantly without any expectation or attachment is one of the biggest takeaway for me. Thanks for this message.

I have few questions in my mind to ask, before asking the questions I want to let you know my belief,

I believe there exist a creator and there is a power within which everything is controlled, not a fan of religions or confused with religions. I believe in positive thoughts because it creates positive energy. Most of the times, i follow my intuition. With that in mind, i have these following questions.

Attendee- If we can connect with the universe and get whatever we want, why do we want to do yoga or any asanas, we could just ask the universe to increase the prana level in the body. I am sounding too easy here but if we are ready to accept without any restriction cant we get what we want?

Debbie You are absolutely right! If you have evolved beyond Samsara and have no more need for the contrast the human experience offers you (maybe you have realized enlightenment) then you would be able to heal your body or elevate your consciousness in that way. However, at that point you would have no more need for your human form as you would have transcended beyond it. There are people who walk the line between enlightened beings but they are here taking human form and these people have removed themselves from the confines of society maybe they live meditating in the Himalayan mountains or in an ashram where they do not have to navigate through the world of form. But, those of us who are navigating this world; who go to work and have families and experiences, we pick up lots of Amma (physical and emotional toxins) and we use the asana and pranayama to light our inner fire (agni) and throw all of these toxins into the fire so that we can once again have a clear line of communication with the divine. 

To be a powerful creator you must have a clear line of communication and strong antenna (this is the susumna nadi where we bridge the gap between the earth and the divine)

Attendee– If the first statement is true, If I can eat genetically modified food and can I still be healthy by increasing my prana level?

Debbie What you eat isn’t as important as your beliefs about what you eat. The most important thing we can do is align with divine knowledge and then once we have been given this knowledge or bestowed with a truth we must act accordingly. For example, if you have come to know or believe that eting animals or genetically modified food is bad yet you do it anyways you are creating your own negative Karma. it is important that your thoughts, words and actions are aligned always.

Attendee- Correct me if I am wrong, the moment prana is out of our body, any beings are dead. Then is it good to eat meat? There is zero prana in the dead animal right?

Debbie- I tend to believe in what you are saying here. The food that we eat is going through a process in our bodies where it is transformed into us. I think it is important to try and place food into our bodies that is easily transformed and has high levels of prana.

Attendee- Are the foods kept in the refrigerator loses prana?

DebbieAs far as food goes…. I listen to my body and I believe that this will be different for everyone. Again what is most important is what is your belief about what you are eating

Attendee- You told that settling the water in a container can heal itself, is this same for any food items? If not I believe, food loses the pranic level when kept in a refrigerator, what do you think of frozen food?

Debbie- I do think that praying over or blessing your food (intentionally aligning with why you are eating the food and what you wish the food to give to you and being grateful for it) is important.

Attendee- Do you believe in rebirth? Is rebirth due to karma?

Debbie-  I do believe in rebirth (I think every breath you are reborn) and we shed this physical body when it is necessary.

Attendee-  If we do good, we get good. So if we do anything bad, is there way to erase the bad karma which is coming back? Is pranayama is one of the ways to erase it? Or asking the universe to erase the bad karma is all needed?

Debbie- I think that karma comes not from doing good or bad  but from not aligning with what you feel is right or wrong (like if your thoughts are I shouldn’t do this because it is bad and then you do it anyway you will suffer the karma of that) If you are taking actions and do not know they are wrong then the karma is there to show you how wrong it is… it is your teacher. I do believe that part of the journey towards ascension involves paying back your karmic debt… but, when you are ascending and the universe asks for a karmic payment you are grateful to make the payment because you know it is necessary to ascend.

Attendee- When you do a work, do you have a backup plan?

Debbie- If you have a backup plan it means that you do not have pure faith… although sometimes the only way to quiet the monkey mind is to answer all of your fears by having a backup plan… Ideally you should trust with pure faith… Your job is to see your ideal goal visualize it and say yes to new experiences…then when the path starts to reveal itself just step onto the path and trust completely.

Attendee- You said you researched water a lot and also told that water needs to be settled in some container to become healthy. Settling in a plastic water bottle is good?

DebbieI said that water can be a healing tonic more powerful than medicine. Studying the structure of water is important  and taking time to pray over your water is important. I would say that in an ideal situation it would be in a copper or glass container

Attendee- There is a creator, which is called differently in different religions, there is a historical evidence of Jesus, and some evidence of Hindu gods and there is evidence of Buddhism etc. I believe religions are created to formulate certain rules to people to understand to ones full potential. What is your belief on religions? How do you see that?

Debbie I think we have similar beliefs here…I believe that all religions are telling a story in a way which that community can receive it… all paths lead to the same place. I have studied many religions and see that they all intersect.

Attendee- How do I grow to my fullest potential and know my purpose of existence? What steps should I take ? Do I need to ask the universe and ready to receive or should I seek a guru to get along the path?

Debbie– this is something only you can answer … Although devotion in its purest sense can be the most powerful tool towards awakening which is why so many people choose a guru. Devotion to a guru can reveal to you the beloved or true unconditional love  and I believe that unconditional love is the access point to divine knowledge and truth the deepest knowing or understanding of self… To love without question in a way that is selfless!

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