Why is Yoga always the Answer?

Your friend says to you, “I’m tired, sad, sick, hurt, angry, frustrated,” and you say “Hmmm… sounds like you need yoga.”

Your friend responds, “That is your answer to everything!!”

Then, you sit back and think, Yes it is… Because it works.

Are you curious why yoga can be the answer to almost problem?

The practice of yoga is just a drop in the ocean of our lives. Like the drop creates ripples, yoga ripples into all aspects of the yogis life. The work the yogi does on the mat is more than just sweat and struggle, it is a cultivation of the authentic Self, a return to the Self that exists behind the veils of the manifest. It is this Self that creates the manifest, the mastermind designing your experience. By building or renewing/strengthening this relationship there is an opportunity to alter/heal this Self some people refer to as the spirit.

The spirit can be a lot like a small child. Trauma, pain, ridicule or judgment may have caused it to flee long ago or like a fragile vase that has been tossed about, it may have shattered into a million tiny pieces. This practice is about developing trust and an environment that is safe to heal all the cracks and invoke a reunion.

The spirit is our eternal life force bringing super-natural powers like eternal youth, fire, passion and enthusiasm. Spirit can flow in and fill all your cracks, bringing light to all the darkness and heal your soul. Spirit will leave you wanting for nothing. Needs and desires will temporarily dissolve as accessing the spirit takes presence and in presence you inevitably discover everything is here, exactly where you are.

How do you connect with this Self through yoga?

View your practice as an open invitation to the mind, the body and the spirit to reunite on the mat. No matter how long it has been since their last reunion the mat becomes a sanctuary, a sacred ground, a place that is safe and secure. You can step onto the mat and begin the process of peeling off all the layers you may have placed between you and your Self to become all those things the world demands of us; Mom, dad, sister, brother, friend, employee. It is the only place where the only expectation is to be present to what is. In presence, there can exist no judgment, ridicule, expectations, dread or worry. In true presence, there can only be acceptance of what is. This acceptance sometimes called surrender can be the path to liberation from all suffering that begins in the mind. Once the mind is in presence it will align with the divine teacher/wisdom that exists within you that we are often too busy worrying about the future or dwelling on the past to listen to. As the breath and movement combine we can control the movement of vitality throughout our cells this purifies the body. Once pure in body and mind the yogi can extend an invitation to the spirit.