What if this is HEAVEN?

Heaven is described as a place of perfection, where all your prayers are answered instantaneously. There are angels sitting on clouds playing harps and a sense of deep peace. I wonder if 100 people were to describe what their idea of heaven is, they would be different. Some may imagine a place with endless landscapes of beauty and serenity, where others may have one giant boat sitting in the midst of water as far as the eye can see. To some heaven could be a busy city filled with endless nightlife and adventure. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it often changes as our experiences and knowledge grows and matures. A child may picture a very different version of heaven, with unicorns and magical fairies, while that that very same child grown with a lifetime of experiences could find they just want a hammock in the Caribbean. Are there thousands of different heavens and we get to pick?

When it is time for you to go to heaven do you wonder how you will know you are there? What does heaven look like to you?  

What if you get to heaven and it is great for a few months but then you want more, you want to expand? Could heaven look like hell if it stayed the same for eternity? Have you noticed how sometimes, too much of a good thing can lead to a complete distaste for that thing. Remember a time when you ate so much chocolate you got sick and couldn’t even think about chocolate for weeks, even years. The freedom of being human allows you to travel through the contrast of life discovering through experience what you like and don’t like what ignites your soul and what causes you to feel contracted and overwhelmed.

Being human is your soul occupying this body to maneuver through this experience in an effort to expand and evolve. When your soul is expanding it feels like joy, peace and love—your true nature. The closer you get to your true nature “joy” the lighter you feel and the less contrast you will need. When you have really found “joy” you will see perfection in everyone and everything. You will remember that your life’s purpose is to serve others and when you are living in alignment with your true nature you will find yourself residing in Heaven, right where you are. Heaven is a state of being.


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