Force = Resistance

The yoga practice is a long awaited reuniting of all the aspects of self, the necessary parts that make you whole, content and happy. This miraculous practice is a process that allows the healing power of awareness to move back into the subtle body, like plugging a dying battery back into an outlet, it recharges you.

The return to your body can be awkward at first. Like running into an old acquaintance at the grocery store, you remember you liked them but aren’t sure you have anything in common. It takes several meetings and long hours over coffee to explore common interests and fully reconnect and find that level of comfort. It can be clumsy and uncomfortable.

Be gentle and ask. The body is a gift you are given and the vehicle you are maneuvering through this life with. It is fragile and it may have neglected and mistreated during the years it spent abandoned and alone struggling to make it without the help of the mind and the spirit.

So, don’t get frustrated if you haven’t felt a warm welcome. Can you blame your body for having a lack of trust? You are almost a complete stranger. You may have to do a little groveling, even ask for forgiveness. Ease your way back in, allowing for a slow consensual relationship built on trust. Force will surely end in misery or stagnancy. There is a saying when a child is forced to do something he doesn’t want to that you must break his spirit, your body will break under the duress of force as well. If you were to gently coax the child or find a way to inspire him, compliment his attributes, find patience and move at his pace he may follow your lead in faith and trust next time you ask.

I assure you that although this process takes time and patience the payoff is well worth it, because as the body begins to open up and the layers begin to peel back your life will reflect this change.

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