Surrender & Acceptance

Imagine the path to happiness is adorned with beautiful golden pavers. As you are walking on this path limitless wealth, fame, abundance, prosperity, wisdom and joy are revealed to you as your life. Once on this path your journey becomes effortless. Each step is clearer than the one before it, beauty is everywhere and you will be taught how to speak to nature and soar with the birds. The wind blowing through the trees, the sun warming your skin and the stars in the night sky become an extension of you. On this path you recognize your oneness with everything and you see your life as a piece of art that you are molding and creating.

You are probably saying emphatically “Where is this path? I am ready reveal it to me now.”

I can assure you it is there waiting for you to see it. There is a key that will unlock your ability to see the path. You have always held the key in your possession. The key to reveal all of life’s wisdom, grace and perfection is in the form of SURRENDER. To surrender is to release all resistance. Surrender is accepting “what is,” without the need to change it or have it different in any way.

Now you can see why so few actually use their key. Being free from resistance goes against the very nature of our being. The only thing that gives us a reason to wake up every day is the excitement of the conflict that we have created. We keep the mind occupied running it’s incessant chatter on thoughts of resistance. The mind if left unmonitored will think about all the ways that the world has wronged you or is making life so difficult. You are like a passenger on the minds journey and this is the path to suffering, stagnancy and resistance. You feel trapped like you keep moving in circles. You think to yourself “This tree looks familiar, have I been here before?” The mind runs on automatic resistance and if it is not watched over carefully will begin to think thoughts like… “this would be perfect IF I had more money, a nicer job, a nicer car or a happy relationship. “These thoughts behave like weeds clouding your vision and distorting your perception your path becomes overgrown and difficult to see. When you lose track of your vision it is easy to make a wrong turn and end up right where you started. You must take control of your journey.

Surrender is taking a deep breath in and knowing that everything is exactly as it should be and what is happening is for the purpose of delivering to you your highest and best good. This can be difficult when life is testing your ability to surrender. To make sure you are ready to walk your path to joy, life will test you. You make your request to the universe. You say “I’m ready for my good!” So the universe answers “okay, let’s see about that.”

It starts easy, you may spill your coffee and not have a change of clothes. You accept it, laughing to yourself, not allowing it spiral you downward ruining the rest of your day, complaining about it. The universe congratulates your victory by making your challenge a little more difficult. Now your car breaks down or you lose your job. This is where you have to stay cool, calm and collected. If you accept it and know nothing leaves your life without something better on it’s way the universe delivers that something better. You will find yourself on to the next challenge. If you recognized your rewards from the last challenge and saw it as a victory and not a loss you have some faith to grasp as the challenges get harder.

As you are being tested or better yet trained, you may have to lose all of your material possessions to prove that you truly understand that you don’t really have anything. Possession of things and labeling them ours is an illusion. Stuff is transient and will flow in and out of your life never actually being yours. It is the desire to make things yours that creates resistance and through resistance you will and all of your suffering. The flow of life is meant to be graceful things being energy that flow through your experience freely. You must SURRENDER.

Resistance is the only thing that can cause backup or blocks in this flow. If you resist letting go of the old, the new can’t come. Once this lesson is mastered, although you are well on your way, you have not yet mastered surrender. The final test of surrender will happen not to you but to someone or something outside of you. We sometimes have built armor and strength through our challenges, we feel like we can take on the world but as we witness others hurting and in struggle are we able to let them be and see it as a part of their path and their lesson. The final test will ask you to see others hurting and recognize their suffering as a part of their life unfolding perfectly exactly as it should. They are on their journey to the promised land and these are their lessons. The best way to support them is to give them hope to teach them to freely release and surrender.

Invite challenge, invite turmoil, invite struggle it only means you are growing and as you grow you are moving closer and closer to the door of unlimited abundance.


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