-The Key to Happiness Can be Found in Gratitude~

You must find gratitude that your dreams have been answered even before they have been. Gratitude is a state of being and a way of life. It is easy to be grateful for our loved ones, friends, kids, the warm bed where we rest our heads, and the food that nourishes us every day. Find gratitude for those things that haven’t happened yet or for those transforming situations in our life that brought you to your knees in pain and hurt. Those situations, as painful as they are, have opened your heart, tested your faith, and allowed you to feel in places you may have been numb. Find gratitude for those things that forced you to grow stronger and more determined.

It is important to see the things in your life that you don’t like as an opportunity to view the contrast in order to learn more about what it is that you do like. The passing moment is the soil of gratitude. From each moment grows appreciation for what you have right now, before it is gone. Gratitude is one of the greatest healing emotions. It can bring your thoughts and feelings into a beautifully transforming symphony of truth. It can melt the toughest situations or heighten the ordinary moments to profound realization. Gratitude opens the chambers of our hearts, allowing us to really feel while we are alive.

Start practicing gratitude. When you find yourself upset by a situation, see if you can find something in that situation to be grateful for.

Wake up with gratitude and go to bed with gratitude. I do this every morning and night. Before my eyes open in the morning, I infuse my body with the sensation of gratitude for this day! At night before bed, I reflect on the day and think of all of the things I have to be grateful for on that particular day. Keep a gratitude journal, giving yourself the opportunity to reflect throughout the day or before they go to bed on what you have gratitude for.

With practice gratitude becomes easy. When you trip on a crack in the sidewalk, you are grateful for the opportunity to be more present. You may have been unconsciously walking unaware of your surroundings. Instead of being angry when your significant other shows up late for a date, try to be grateful that you have someone with whom you share your life.

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