message from your inner child

“Be my best friend. Don’t be a grown up. Play with me. Let’s have an adventure, see the world with wonder, marvel at the beauty that is everywhere and search for answers to all of the world’s secrets. Let’s be best friends like the time when best friends meant something. You can tell me anything and I will only see you as perfect, never judging you or betraying your trust. Let’s live in the land of make believe where possibilities were limitless and joy abound. Dance with me in the rain, splash in the puddles, roll in the mud, get dirty and forget to care. Be daring with a little spunk, fearless, with a touch of loud. Live as if you only have today and stop putting things off till later. Every passing second is an opportunity to choose. Stop choosing “Have to’s” and start choosing “Want to’s.” Remember that we are Human Beings not Human Doings, then take my hand and walk the path from the land of, just getting by, to the land of happiness, freedom and ease.”



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