A message from your heart


I miss you. Don’t you remember when we used to be best friends. You and I would look at the stars and dream without limits. We would dance and play without worries. Then you shut me out…It wasn’t your fault. You listened to your mind and it convinced you that I was vulnerable and an easy target for hurt. It’s true that I am more sensitive and I can feel deeply but, that’s what makes me special just like you. Unlike your mind I love you unconditionally. I see you as perfect just as you are. Even if you never talk to me again I will always love you. You see, I have mastered things like faith, compassion, joy and peace and I cannot survive in an environment devoid of those things. I need you and whether or not you know it, you need me too. I am nothing without you. I am here waiting. To reconnect just dial into gratitude or forgiveness and I will be there waiting ❤

Signed… Your Heart 


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