Are you really Happy?

Something to Consider…♥♥
Are you stuck on the proverbial hamster wheel, working towards profit and fame and idea of happiness that has been sold to you with an agenda through consumerism? Do you think the answers will be there at the top? Have you put on blinders to what really matters in an effort to achieve? Are you hoping to fill a void within you, searching for fulfillment through acknowledgements, awards, houses, cars, fame and fortune; a portrait of happiness that has been painted by someone else? Yep… you have been fooled… It is placed in your subconscious with the intent to get your money, by those who will benefit from keeping you on the wheel.

Do you work sacrificing health and well-being in hopes of eventually arriving at someone’s idea of the top? what if, upon arrival at this preconceived idea of joy, you will think to yourself “I made it…now I can be happy”, and although the outside world is different the inside world is very much the same so you are stuck wondering “why don’t I feel any different?” That is when, you decide to start pretending you are happy… until the line gets so blurred that you wonder to yourself “Do I even know what happiness is?”

Since your happiness was dictated by the external world, you there is a constant need to fill the ever present void combined with feedback from anyone who will take the time to like your photo. Because you now depend on the external world to tell you whether or not you are happy. Social media comes to the rescue with a quick fix as you post pictures on facebook or twitter and feel instant gratification as the comments start to roll in; “Wow, lucky you! You must be so happy!” Yes! You say, My happiness has been confirmed…and this brings a sigh of relief.

But, isn’t happiness something that just is? It can’t be packaged or purchased. Yet, we have allowed consumerism to sell it and we continue to buy! Have you thought “why am I so empty”. Yes, you have achieved everything and it felt good when people said ”you’re doing great you should be proud.” You felt reassured momentarily. But, you went to bed in a house full of people and felt all alone. You have neglected to get to know who you are. You forgot to ask “What is important to me? What are my ideals? What is my gift I am here to give to the world?” It is only when you are pursuing your passion and in line with your purpose that you will know your happiness and you will not need the world to show you what it looks like anymore! I urge you to find the answers to those questions and start to find your joy from within!

2 thoughts on “Are you really Happy?

  1. Good post! well thought out! You are very aware of the various societal elements around you. These multi-million dollar businesses are very good at marketing to unsuspecting consumers. There are many people who seek out extrinsic value rather than intrinsic. People spend their whole lives living a life surrounded by lies. True fulfillment isn’t in possessions but it’s in the core of our very being. What drives us? What are we passionate about? How can we better serve others instead of carrying out self centered motives? Don’t get me wrong! I would like to live a comfortable life, but I would like to do it through my passions. I believe if we dig deep enough, we can find the unique qualities that make us like no other. And we can take these gifts out into the world and serve others. I believe if we do this, the rest will take care of itself. Money cannot be the focus though.

    1. Absolutely! very well said:) my wish is that everyone follows their dreams and finds joy as something that is available to you always no matter what is happening in your external circumstances ❤

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