Intimidated by YOGA? Maybe you should be…

yoga pretzel

The yogic journey is a big undertaking. Those yogis who seem to defy gravity, tapping into superhero strength twisting themselves into a pretzel while upside down, accomplishing what once may have looked like an impossible feat. Yep, that is what yogis do…the impossible. Aligning with natures rhythm they have found the ability to balance their lives on one single finger, while tearing down limiting beliefs and taking on the job of, revealing to the world that the impossible is possible.

Too often the response to the powerful insights of a yogi is “Ya, ya, it must be nice. I mean, of course, its easy to break down barriers of belief when you don’t have to live in the real world. I would do headstands all day too if I could run around all day in yoga pants while enjoying the occasional fruit smoothie, wheatgrass shot or kombucha. I mean who wouldn’t want to live off the grid with their head in the clouds, without those silly insignificant things like taxes and bills bogging them down. If I didn’t have people depending on me, I too would run off to Bali and sit around stretching and meditating all day.”

The yoga stereotypes being plastered all over the media, social and mainstream, don’t represent the truth about yoga and the people who I see showing up to their mats everyday prepared to take on the challenge of quieting their mind and realigning with their truth.

The truth is, they have chosen to look at and see the things that the rest of the world is too scared to look at. They take a stand and are prepared to fight for what is right. They have seen the destruction and damage that not looking has caused. I assure you that although the yogis make it look easy, it is by far the harder choice to battle your demons on the mat instead of learning how to happily coexist with them.

Yes, yogis are no different from the rest of the world. They have demons too and are often times battling the same fears, worries, concerns and questions that everyone else has. I know it is hard to imagine but at one time I assure you, they too feared gravity. However, instead of allowing fear, frustration and anger to consume them they have learned to throw this energy into the fire of their yoga and transform it for the higher good.

Yes, with hard work and dedication the yoga practice has the ability to transform the world around you even creating an ally of gravity, the thing that used to be responsible for making you fall becomes a supportive friend who moves under their wings helping them fly.

Simply put, yogis show up when others cant find the strength! Know that on the mat you will look directly into the eyes of your biggest demons and be forced to conquer or be defeated and walk away. These demons are our biggest fears, those fears like; failure, not being good enough or worthy of love. Not everyone is cut out to be a yogi…it takes a certain type.

You must BE BRAVE, strong and bendable, because yoga will test your limits and the weak WILL break.

If you are a truth seeker who sees the need for change, the time is NOW! The world is waiting for who you are becoming!!



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