LOVE is the TRUTH!

Is your soul CRYING?animal rights. greed, over consumption, consumerism, activism,

Are you still searching for the allusive happiness? Where has your search led you? What cocktail of consumerism do you swallow every day hoping it will be the right mixture to create the mirage of joy? What mood altering concoction do you reach for in a last ditch effort to bring a little ease to the chronic pain you have come to know as just getting by, as you force yourself to swallow the seemingly endless barrage of lies designed to mask the truth. Everyday do you wake up and put your blinders back on to keep looking forward and not see the destruction of truth, values and the earth being left in your wake? Then, with nowhere to go but forward do you toss yourself back out into the whirlwind of fear, depression and anxiety that corporations have created to direct your mind into a giant web of confusion where like a fly you become stuck and easy prey?

Maybe you are one of the few that are waking up to the feeling that something is wrong, recognizing their soul is slowly dying, passion dwindling and their hearts are breaking. And with a deep knowing that there must be something more to life you are ready to know what it feels like to love and be loved and reignite your passion for living? Maybe you already have started to tune back into your soul and answer its needs. If you are being called to look, listen and be the change….DO IT!! The world is counting on you.

You are the ones that will pave the way to our future. You are the few brave, warriors breaking the barriers of delusion and standing up for the truth! You may not get the accolades or even the support of those close to you but, your rewards will be far greater! You will have an inner sense of peace and you will open yourself up to become available to true love with a full heart. Your passion will return and you will be one of the few that are truly living!

I know it’s scary to look at the truth. We are multiplying and we have fallen out of harmony with the earth and her inhabitants. Soon we will have taken everything our earth has to give. Over-consumption, greed and this misguided path to happiness has left the earth barely clinging to life. Species after species has disappeared right under our noses and nobody’s asking why. We have made animals big industry and started growing animals like plants in warehouses, without sun or the necessary nutrients. Why? We are simply creatures of habit and it is time to take a look at our habits because we are killing ourselves and our planet. And creating an immeasurable amount of suffering and pain to billions of animals and sustaining the enslaving of these animals has in turn taken its toll on our earth as well causing numerous diseases as we unload massive amounts of feces on a daily basis as well as trying to control the diseases created from suffering and open wound and the animals unable to move around in close proximity to each other.

What will it take to get everyone to stop what they’re doing and ask is it really that important considering the foundation under it all is starting to crumble? We have to return to our building blocks and fix the cracks.

How did we lose our way? Where are we going? Is it time that we change directions?

There is a path I have seen it. You will see it too! All you have to do is unravel the web of lies that you have taken on as truth. Note that: to do this you will have to acknowledge your part in perpetuating these lies. That isnt even the hard part… this is where most people turn back… because, the next step is you will have to “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Yes! You will have to change everything.

When you see the truth you will discover that our truth begins and ends with love and we have separated from our love like two continents separating down the middle and there is an ocean flowing between us and our love causing us to lose touch with it. Call back the love and give it to every living creature not just the ones you call pets but those on display in your local market as well. It is then that the path will reveal itself.

It is a journey that is often lonely and rarely validated but it is the only journey that will leave its mark. You will have made a difference and fought for what is right, reminded others of who they are and their ability to turn this whole crazy mess around! We are counting on you stay strong! The earth and our natural resources are being dwindled away while we close our eyes. Our animals once revered by ancient cultures are now born and bred in suffering, torture and darkness and we blindly eat the flesh of their pain. It has become commonplace to over consume, waste and not look at where it came from or where it is going. We have stopped caring about everything that is truly important and of substance and instead turned to substances to just make it through one more day!

You are the one with the power to make a change. We can still turn this around but we have to come together and choose to see what is happening and be the change that is necessary!


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    Or are you one of the few that is waking up to the feeling that something is wrong, recognizing your soul is slowly dying, your passion dwindling and your heart is breaking. And you know there must be something more to life. Are you are ready to know what it feels like to love and be loved and reignite your passion for living?

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