Your God Given Purpose

“We find ourselves on a constant expedition; a search for beauty and happiness, we want to be inspired by art and often forget that the greatest masterpiece can be found in the simplicity of one solitary flower. It has the ability to captivate even the most jaded individual—heal the most wounded heart and mend a broken spirit. The flowers story is one of overcoming, as its journey begins in the darkness and ends in the light. With its unmatched elegance and fragile nature, it springs forth from the most unlikely source—the dirt. Beginning with nothing more than a seed and a desire, it nestles into the soil—buried under a layer of earth, with an intrinsic knowing—a knowing god has fused into it a divine destiny, a purpose that only belongs to it. From the moment it is planted it is drawn towards the life giving qualities of his light. Once it is nurtured by both the sun and the earth it will bloom and reveal its purpose with magnificent glory; transcendence from a mere sprout to full bloom is celebrated by the gift of its delicate fragrance and its undeniable beauty that somehow holds us in its spell. You too were born in the darkness of the womb and gifted a special divine purpose and you have sprouted and blossomed in the light.”

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