The Eye Of the Storm

The Eye of The Storm

eye of storm debbie dioxn


Yoga isn’t about avoiding life. Do you see yogis and envision them rushing off to meditate in the Himalayan Mountains? Do you think of the peaceful warrior and struggle to see an activist capable of change. As a society we have an innate belief that change means shaking things up, stirring the pot, chaos and even hardship. There will be times in your life when the foundation seems to be failing and your whole world begins to crumble down around you. The yogi always remembers he has two choices; he can fall to pieces crying “Why me?” or, remember life is transient, with ebbs and flows and everything can turn around in one second. How you react will decide how quickly the storm will pass and the amount of destruction left behind.

Yoga teaches us to live in the midst of turmoil and remain centered and balanced. Life is like our yoga practice filled with turbulent winds swirling around us, sometimes we lose our balance, even falling or stumbling. We quickly gain are composure and concentration letting it be in the past and through the breath we are reminded to focus on the present.

You see yoga isn’t about avoiding the storm; yoga is about moving through the chaos and finding the eye of the storm. The gusts of wind and rain in the form of loss, change, letting go; purify, nurture, cleanse and wash away the debris that were weighing us down and keeping us from our true purpose. After a good rain storm everything becomes clear again, the colors are more vibrant, everything is lighter and the path is clearer, the world seems to bloom into life with possibilities. If you are looking outside of yourself for that place to hide and find shelter from the winds of change as they rush in, you will be sucked into the destruction filled with pain and fear.

The path to peace can be found in any circumstance, just utter the magical words “this too shall pass” and find yourself whisked into the eye of the storm. This is the vantage point of the gods. Know that the peace you are looking for is within and accessible always, no matter what storms life is throwing at you.

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