The Journey of the CHAKRAS…

Although you can’t see them they are there.


The base of the spine is where all creation begins. This fertile ground holds the lush, rich soil of mother earth. Your desires, wishes and prayers are seeds. Just merely uttering your request is placing a seed in the soil. The rivers of trust and faith flow to nourish them, infused with hope and dreams.   Water gives them life, while the fire of action warms them until they sprout. With enough nurturing they blossom. Earth, water and fire, all elements of the earthly plane, exist below the heart. For some, our seeds can come into fruition before ever even arriving at the place in the body that radiates pure joy and happiness. We stop before the journey begins. The heart is the center of our universe and the bridge between the divine and the earth. The breath shows us how to cross the bridge and reveals to us true joy. The other side of the bridge we find a deeper understanding of who we are and what our divine purpose is. When we exist purely in our hearts, the heart behaves like a porthole to infuse the body temple with your spirit head to toe guiding us in our divinity to become angels on earth in service of the whole.

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