Are you disgusted with you?

Are You Disgusted With You?

Have you decided it is okay for you to criticize your body, chastise and fill yourself with loath over the way your middle toe is oversized or your belly a little too soft? Maybe you have stretch marks or your hair is too thin. You have decided that you can view your body with disgust but your spirit, infinite and ever expanding, should willingly choose to live in this vile place you fill with physical and emotional toxins. Our society has even glorified plastic surgery delivering the message that you are not good enough. Perfectly healthy people opt to be put to sleep risking death and complications giving permission to a surgeon armed with a scalpel, to cut them open, in hopes they will wake up and finally be able to stand one more day in their own skin.

This is an unconscious effort made on an empty promise delivered by society that beauty will bring envy and envy will fill the void, finally delivering that happiness you have been waiting for. Nothing can replace the essence of the spirit as it fills the body. And the void you are experiencing was made when your spirit left. A body without its spirit is hollow. It feels empty and forever is trying to fill itself with something. You have to start filling that void with love, the essence of the spirit. Love is like a magnet drawing your spirit back to you. The only love that is true comes from you. When you can love all those parts of you that you deem imperfections your spirit will come rushing back to its home and with spirit dwelling within you find the true joy in life and enthusiasm that you once had. You start to see the miracles and set out on adventures. You become unstoppable, capable of living the life you have always imagined!debbiedixon8

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