A Conscious Breath

A Conscious Breath

What if finding the present moment is the meaning of life? And opening the window of the mind, can expand and free you. Unwatched the mind will sift through seemingly endless thoughts of your imagined future or replay yesterday, catapulting you away from the perfection of now, into a perceived, yet untrue, suffering. The present moment is the porthole to the divine. The practice of mindfulness and the cultivating of presence begins by simply noticing your breath. The mastery of the breath will result in mastery of presence.

In presence the inhale is ascension towards the divine. As you ascend, you move closer to god, gaining wisdom and rooting deeper in your truth. Pause for a moment at the top of the inhalation and look around, and you will discover that the presence of god exists in the space between the breaths. It is there you are cleansed and healed, purified and free.

Then, in faith let go of the breath, releasing that moment into the ether to be renewed. As you exhale you separate from god and explore his infinite kingdom. There at the end of the exhale, god finds you again and you are faced with the choice; continue to live in fear, grief, worry, sadness, anger or surrender to him and transform those emotions in to love, joy, peace and happiness. If you choose surrender he will take your hand and guide you back to your truth. Just breathe, because, what if hidden in the breath is the meaning of life?debbiedixon6

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