**How to find the OASIS in the DESERT**

The oasis of the heart in the barron desert of the mind
The oasis of the heart in the barron desert of the mind


Have you become an expert at gathering information? Yes, of course you have! You have been trained since early childhood, to filter through information to find the answer. Society has provided you with tools and resources filled with the answers to all of your questions right at your fingertips. Then one day we wake up and find, that there, buried in the distraction and the endless façade of problem solving we busy ourselves with, are the real questions, those questions that search for profound truth and a sense of meaning.  The questions that have the ability, if answered, to bring life changing revelations. Questions like; “Why am I here? What is the meaning of life? What should I do now to make a difference and leave this world a better place?”  

The journey for the answers always begins in your mind; moving through years of data and statistics gained through life experience, either first hand or gifted from passing conversations, movies, television, internet, books or media of all sorts, you look for link, similarities and like a mathematical equation skewed by fear, limiting beliefs and if embarking on new territory; lack of personal experience you pray that you will find the formula and crack the code.

What we have forgotten is the message passed down for thousands of years. The messengers; ancient philosophers, seers, mystics and masters have in many languages, religions, beliefs and texts, that the answer is within us. The message is simple and straight forward, You can change the external world you are perceiving by shifting your internal world through thoughts and feelings. Spending more time cultivating your internal world to one of peace, balance, joy and happiness allowing the stillness to penetrate the ever present chaos and noise would allow you to find all of the answers waiting in the stillness, for the questions to be asked. You see, it isn’t the mind that has the answers it is the heart.

The mind is like the desert, very little can survive in the extreme heat and absense of water. The slightest wind can stir a ferocious dust storm. The dust filling the air is like the thoughts racing through the mind. Our minds limit us with fear of the scarcity of the desert leaving you to fight the elements for survival. Every desert has an oasis. You have an oasis within you at all times, a place in the middle of the desert where life flourishes and possibilities once again become limitless, it is your heart. The desert is about survival and harsh conditions the oasis is abundant with life and is seemingly erupted from nothing.

Have you like so many others lost faith in yourself? Are you lost wandering in the desert with no oasis in sight? You must understand that searching the external world for the answers is hypocrisy! The external is simply a mirror reflecting what is inside your mind. You already know the answer you are just looking for the world to validate you or keep you stagnant as it reveals fears that exist in your mind.How do you find that oasis while lost in the middle of a dust storm unable to see beyond your feet you ask? You have been gifted with a compass that has a dial always pointing you in the direction of limitless abundance, your oasis. To access it at any given time all you have to do is feel good. Find a way to be happy right now in this moment, choose what makes you feel good and you will open your eyes and find yourself standing in the midst of perfection, an oasis of beauty, love, happiness and the life of your dreams. Stop searching outside of yourself for the answers and start looking to your heart!

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