How does truth effect the world that surrounds us.. The magic of our words

Satya the Sanskrit word for truth goes beyond little white lies to a deeper understanding of how our universe works. Satya is speaking from your heart, the deepest part of your being, beyond those filters you have  chose…n to perceive your experiences through, to the place where your highest self dwells. The part of you that speaks in the stillness with loving, gentle words of assurance and understanding. Sometimes our filters are so good at what we placed them there to do, that they completely block out any access or direct connection to the truth. Once you have altered your filters to allow in divine thought and dismiss those thoughts that don’t serve your highest good, you will find yourself speaking your truth  all the time (hint: your truth will sound like heaven, they will bring a peaceful sensation to all that are in range; it will consist of words that are loving and kind to yourself and others. It can melt down barriers that once seemed invincible and reveal the path to JOY and ABUNDANCE in all areas of your life)
The truth is an important element of our throat Chakra, the Vishuddha Chakra. This Chakra rests directly on your heart and the only things that exist above it are ,the seat of your intuition (3rd eye) and your link to the divine (Crown Chakra). The throat Chakra is where we take the messages from the heart, intuition and divine and express them to the world! It can be a powerful tool or a powerful weapon! Choose your words wisely as they can effect the whole world that surrounds you. Discussing negativity (yes even if it is true, infect especially if it is true) will cast this negative energy and vibration in to your surrounding causing negativity to be your experience. You can just as easily choose to discuss the positive  and experience the JOY!

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