***Do you even know what HAPPINESS is??***

What is your Happiness?

Do you know what your happiness is??

We seem to be stuck on the proverbial hamster wheel, working towards profit and fame and idea of happiness that is being sold to us with an agenda through consumerism. We all think that the answers will be there at the top and we give up everything along the way. We put on blinders. With have this glorified vision of what happiness looks like, this picture has been painted by someone else. In the picture you are filled with with wealth, affluence, fame, acknowledgment, esteem, love, vacations and champagne. This is an implantation from someone looking to get your money and keep you on the wheel. You work sacrificing health and well being and you eventually get to someone’s idea of the top. Upon arrival at this preconceived idea of joy, you think” now I can be happy”, so you force happiness and you wonder to yourself do I even know what that is anymore? Is happiness something imagined too? You spend most of your time posting pictures on facebook or twitter searching for feedback. The feedback allows you to momentarily be reassured form the outside world that yes you are happy. Isn’t happiness something that just is? It is not something that is possible to pursue yet we have allowed consumerism to sell it and we continue to buy!

Do you wonder “why am I so empty”. Yes, you have achieved everything and it felt good when people said “your doing great you should be proud.” You felt reassured momentarily. But, you went to bed in a house full of people and felt all alone. You have neglected to get to know who you are. You forgot to ask ” What is important to me?  What are my ideals? What is my gift I am here to give to the world?” It is only when you are pursuing your passion and in line with your purpose that you will know your happiness and you will not need the world to show you what it looks like anymore! I urge you to find the answers to those questions!

2 thoughts on “***Do you even know what HAPPINESS is??***

  1. Wonderful questions to ponder. I have written them down and will be meditating on these today. In a time where I am finding what my journey is, this article and bloq is a gift and wonderful tool. Thank you for your thoughts and words of guidance.

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