Although, they called her YOUNG and NAIVE

She had a PASSION for life that never ceased


She’s a DREAMER, with a touch of BOLD and DARING

CONQUER the WORLD, an easy task

That chapter ended, now it’s the past


Innocence, something only a child can know

Callused she became, reaping what the world sowed

Carefree, she had held the world in her hands

One slip and it went through her fingers like sand


New chapter 17, and now she’s a MOTHER

The LOVE of her CHILD was like no other

The way was gone, no PATH she could see

SURVIVAL kicked in and she embraced DEFEAT

Lost in the DARKNESS, a part of her DIES

SCARED and ALONE, she believes the LIES

There is no love just PAIN, FEAR and SORROW

Quietly she prays it will be better TOMORROW


Innocence something only a child can know

Callused she became, reaping what the world sowed

Is anybody there who can answer her prayers?

Does anybody hear her, does anybody care?


The next chapter she asks, “WHAT’S IT ALL FOR?”

The question brought the answer and OPENED the DOOR

How could she know until she opened her EYES

The DARK was there, just to show her the LIGHT

The light poured into her, LOVE, PEACE and HARMONY

Divine light so CLEANSING revealing her PURITY


Innocence is something we CAN all KNOW

She had finally learned that, SHE reaped what SHE sowed

It’s all a CHOICE and you are FREE to CHOOSE

That day she was REBORN refreshed and renewed

YOU are the CREATOR it’s simple but true

Now write the next chapter and start BRAND NEW!


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