Where has all the PASSION gone?

Where has all of your Passion gone?

You excitedly find your seat in the theater, anxiously awaiting the next box office hit, with hopes of an emotional journey filled with peaks and valleys. Mindlessly eating handfuls of popcorn and indulging in sour patch kids or licorice ropes you are strapped in and ready for a roller coaster ride of sensation. Having surfed through the titles of latest film releases and watching trailers to get glimpses of which feelings you can expect to experience, you carefully chose this film as the right prescription strength, cocktail of emotions. Once seated, you take your dose of feelings and 90 min later you return to your life silently saying a prayer that nothing comes along to shake up your life.

Without realizing it, we as a society have set complacency as our goal in life. Yes, we have decided it is better to settle and be safe than live outside the lines and feel passionately. Then we all ask “Where has my sense of PASSION and PURPOSE gone?” Living a life filled with passion and purpose is tricky to say the least. You must walk past all of the signs that say “BEWARE”, “NO TRESPASSING” even “VIOLATORS will be PROSECUTED” and entirely change your perception.You instead will see “WELCOME”, “STAY ON THIS PATH AND RECEIVE GREAT REWARDS”, “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE STRAIGHT AHEAD.” This is hard because you have emptied many buckets of popcorn, on the edge of your seat while so many characters drive past those signs in movies, only to meet their demise as they fall to their death right off the edge of the cliff.

The movies are right about one thing, once you get past all of the signs you will most definitely find a ledge. The ledge will look like WORK, STRESS, WORRY and a lot of it! You will have to stay on the ledge working away until you build up enough faith. Faith comes when you change your perception and instead of work you see an opportunity to BE OF SERVICE, to GIVE, HELP, GUIDE and LOVE. And when you have enough faith, wings will appear.
Wings complete the metamorphosis and “POOF” you have been transformed from a mere participant in your life, to the creator of your life. ARTISTS and CREATORS, LEADERS are by nature filled with PASSION because they have linked directly to the creative SOURCE. And without having fear as a factor getting in the way of their vision they can see LOVE everywhere they look. This CAN be YOU!

Don’t watch someone else’s interpretation of your life, be the director of your movie. Step off the ledge and know in the story of your life, wings WILL appear. Get your cocktail of emotions through the unfolding of YOUR PASSION. And while doing so let the effects of a SINGLE SOUL taking ownership and DEMANDING a life of PASSION, ripple out into the world like a raindrop landing in the ocean. See the ledge as opportunity to grow and remind yourself often, as you consider turning back, how much courage it took just to get where you ARE! Passion is the feeling of flying when you step off the ledge and soar through the air. The world is waiting for who you are becoming!! BE BRAVE

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