How to CHANGE your whole life with just TWO WORDS!!!

You are the creator

The two most powerful words in our language are “I Am,” these words speak directly to the divine. Nobody else can say “I am” and be speaking about you and you cannot say those words in reference to anyone or anything other than you. The truth is, you absolutely ARE all of the words that you speak after “I am.” The world will not argue with your statement of truth about you. This means you have the ability to start changing your life by simply saying “I am …going to change my life.” If we built our lives and choices with confidence and power around those two words the world would look very different. People would be living the lives they want to live and if their life wasn’t working anymore they would change it.
Our world has instead given rise and power to two very different words. These words take all of our power away and give it to an external source. This is a source filled with fear, demise and disease. These two words are “What if,” they have the power to send all of your dreams, passions and desires crashing to the ground instantly. “What if” is usually followed by a gasp and detailed descriptions of all the ways it could all fall apart. “What if,” doesn’t have to be ALL bad, it is the words that we attach to it, that feed it with destructive power. “What if…it all worked out better than I could even imagine?” is an example of empowering those words. Then all that is left, is to seal them with “I AM capable of anything I put my mind to.”

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