You are somebody’s Angel!

The unsung hero’s of today are the guardians of love, the truth seekers, guides, dreamers and believers. They believe in the magical elements of pure love. These angels, disguised as friends, family, or even a passing stranger, will with a moments notice inherit super powers as they pull out their halo and reveal their wings. They will fly through the turbulent winds of the most devastating storms and dive deep into the depths of the deepest seas of despair to show you the way out.

If they can see your light and hear your plea for help they will always come. Just cast your prayer like a rocket to the stars and illuminate your inner spark with a touch of hope and wait patiently for the whispers, the gentle reminders the feeling that everything will be ok or just simply find a reason to smile when everything seems hopeless. As hope illuminates the soul if will deflect any fear, your light will shine brighter making it easier for the angels to find you through all of the darkness.

The angel of hope arrives in the knick of time. She stops by, whispering in your ear poetic, heartfelt words of faith, fearlessness, triumph and overcoming obstacles. She reminds you of your strength and your power. She tells you to do today instead of regret tomorrow!

Then as you find yourself being guided in the direction of hope by your angel you are greeted by the angel of love. This angel takes hold of your hand and emanating true love she reminds you that all you are is love. In a touch and a glance you feel the sensation of being cherished and adored.

The angel of love opens your heart allowing you to more easily and readily receive then guides you to the angel of assistance. The angel of assistance always seems to swoop in at the very last second when everything seems to be held together by a single thread. This angel delivers to you whatever resources you need to keep you going just one more day.

If you can find that glimmer of light on even the darkest of days your angel will see your light and come to your aid and when you find yourself basking in the sun, the beauty and the love that surrounds you look for that
beacon of light shining in the dark because someone is counting on you to show up for them and be their angel!

To all my angels!

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