What is the TITLE of YOUR LIFE??

What story are you telling? What is the title of your life? Is it catchy with a hook or is it a horror flick a tale of heartache and treachery? What would other people say the title of your life is and does this title truly embrace who you are and who you want to be? If it isn’t who you are why is it who you are being? It is the story that you have told that has allowed the world to draw this conclusion. Labeling you with “The story of hardships, pain and struggle”. Doesn’t it only make sense since life is about the pursuit of happiness, we would all choose the title “My path to joy and happiness discovering my true self .”

A secret I feel I must share with you now is; Creation of your title based on what you are observing is the quickest way to the ultimate demise of happiness and joy. You should never decide what is at the end of the rainbow based on where the rainbow began. You have to pick the title based on your dreams, wishes and prayers. You have to see the light while you’re still in the darkness of the tunnel. “The story of perseverance, How I went from nothing to something and found my true purpose”. “How I showed the world the meaning of unconditional love.”

Knowing the title of your life is important. You are living the story. The title is the most important aspect to draw an audience to a book or movie. It not only draws the audience it draws the supporters and the people funding the project. You give the world a title and a synopsis and they decide whether or not they want to be a part of your story. People don’t just find themselves sitting in the audience of a movie or reading a book without having gathered information or some idea of what it is about. This is the same in life; people can’t come to your aid or be of service without knowing the title of your book. What is the story you want to tell? Is it “My journey to finding god,” or are you telling the story of pain and hurt? Does your title tell of deceit, cruelty or tragedy and demise? The title of your life is yours to choose. Is it a comedy, drama, love story or tragedy? No one chooses it for you. The details or content of your story may be decided by outside influence but the title is yours to create without any limitation and whatever title you pick will surely decide your happily ever after.

Are you stuck in a never ending cycle of perpetual waiting? You linger in stagnancy allowing the world to unfold around you, and your life becomes a series of reactions. The world presents the obstacle and you react. This belief that the future is uncontrollable and uncertain keeps you living in fear and worry of what tragedy may wipe the foundation out from under you leaving you alone in scarcity. Many of us live in the inexhaustible cycle of waiting for it to all fall apart so that we can fix it, once its fixed we wait for it all to fall apart again. You are oblivious to the fact that, you and only you, hold all of those answers of where you are going, right where you are in this moment. You don’t need to go anywhere or do anything to find the answers you just have to give your story a title. Although you aren’t exactly a puppeteer with a world of marionettes, you are in charge of the naming the scenes and the deciding the final outcome. Shakespeare said it best when he said “All the world is a stage, and we are mere actors.”

Directing the play of your life is tremendously easy if you let it be. You start by picking an area of focus. The title of the scene will be derived from wherever your attention is focused today. For example, the play you are directing may be titled “My path to happiness” and act one may be titled “How I found the job I am passionate about.” You are done. Now, find a seat in the audience and excitedly watch the perfect unfoldment of your life on the stage. With a clear untainted vision of the scenes outcome the universe will gladly deliver the job you are passionate about. As the sets change and the characters adjust and evolve, you just flow with universe being guided by divine inspiration. Before you know it you will be done with that scene and moving onto the next.

The only time you will stay stuck in a particular act, having trouble with the characters and the set is when you start to take control and rewrite the script. Thinking to yourself that one of the actors said or did something wrong or the setting isn’t quite perfect enough causes an entire rewrite slowing down the progress towards scene two. When you are a member of the audience recreationally watching a play you trust and have faith that in the end the title and story line will have weaved their way through the plot to the perfect outcome. You get lost in the story even if you decide that a character is wrong, you trust that he is acting perfectly to achieve the desired outcome of the playright. You watch in utter anticipation at how beautifully the plot unravels, enjoying the twists and turns. This is what I want you to do with the play of your life. You are the playright. You decide the title and the outline the rest unfolds in the artistry of the other actors sharing the stage. Find yourself sitting at the edge of the seat of your life, biting your nails in anticipation and watch with electrifying enthusiasm as all the clouds disappear and the light of the sun illuminates the path to happiness. 602602_4593154822611_166579440_n

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