The Treasure Map Of Life

Life is a journey this is true, but what is it all for? Where is the destination?

Imagine that everyone’s journey has the same starting point. The start is in a town called LOVE, found in the land of the HEART. We begin filled with love. Everything we see is perfection and is seen through eyes of wonder and awe. Everything is good and we inherently trust and love everyone.

 All along as you exist naively in Love, those around you, the ones you trust the most, hold a secret. They choose a time when you are deemed worthy and they say “It is time you know what I know. I will give you the gift of my knowledge and I will start by telling you that all you have thought to be true is a lie.”

From this point on, if you want us to accept you and love you, you must operate like us, from the teachings of a man called Mr. Fear. Fear has the map that will guide you to the treasure you are searching for.” 
Shortly after this crushing news is delivered a  list of instructions arrives. You are told these instructions will, if followed, eventually lead you to your treasure. To pack for this trip you will only need necessities for survival so, leave all our dreams behind. Dreams are silly and have no place on this journey. With only the necessities, promises of love and acceptance and the wise words of Mr. Fear you begin your journey and embrace your new path.

Step number one, is to leave the Heart and join the wise followers of fear in the land of the Mind where upon arrival, all secrets will be revealed.

 Every generation for as long as anyone can remember has been given this guide. Mr. Fears words always held influence over the land. Everyone believed his words held the guide to salvation. He would simply utter “What if?” and like magic the entire world stopped doing what they were doing to listen.

We have all received Mr. Fears map at one point in our life and left the land of Heart for the promises held in the city of thought, in the Land of the Mind. The First stop on the journey is “Get a job before you lose everything and become nothing with nothing.”After you have successfully made it to that land Mr. Fear reveals the path through “Get married before no one will ever love you.”  Some people continue on, passing through “Have kids before it’s too late.” Finally you will be given instructions to fully arrive at the city of thought and the land of Mind. By the time you get there Mr. Fear has insisted that you forget all that you used to know and enticed you with all those thoughts that fear has to offer. In the land of the Mind these thoughts are infinite and multiply faster that you can keep up with.

 A few of us daydream, drifting off into memories of the land we came from. We begin to long for our home again. Remembering that home is in the heart. In the city of the Heart everything seemed to smell and taste better and beauty was everywhere, you felt a connection to everyone and everything and you had a sense of wonder and awe.
The city of thought reveals life from a view of “how can the world serve me? “The citizens of Thought, have even created imaginary enemies and named them lack and disease. They spend most of their time in contemplation of ways to fight these enemies. These imaginary enemies create delusion in the form of burdens, worries, confinement and concern.  When you take citizenship in Thought you must give control of your life over to Fear. Fear will keep you safe. In this land everyone is out for themselves and those with more experience and knowledge of all the vast array of limiting factors are the fittest and will survive longer than all others. Yes, In the land of the Mind survival as long as you can and Not happiness or quality of life is the goal!

Those of you that daydream and remember, can see the distortion and disease running through the land of thought and in opening your eyes and your heart again, rediscover that which has always been there.
You see how Fear tricked you from the treasure that was always yours and existed in the city of Heart. A treasure you had that consisted of unlimited, hope, faith, love, prosperity, abundance, joy and happiness. A life worth living! The good life! Yes, it is true, you were born with all the treasure and unlimited abundance of the gods themselves and you have given it all away to live with fear in the land of Thought. Those few who shine the light of love into the darkness of the Mind can see the path and begin the trek back to their home in the Heart.


How do you get to the land of love?

By living it’s 10 commandments

1)      Never give into Fear and his teachings

2)      Love everyone first without judgment if they prove unworthy of your love, love them more.

3)      Forgive everyone

4)      Always be of service, ask yourself what can I give?

5)      Let your passion and desire be your guide as to how you serve humanity

6)      See everything as if you are seeing it for the first time from a sense of wonder and awe and excitement and joy.

7)       Trust that anything is possible and you are only limited by your     imagination. 8) You must live with the understanding of oneness love all sentient beings 9) there are no burdens in love only ease 10) Always speak and live from your truth

One thought on “The Treasure Map Of Life

  1. I enjoy this sort of rule-setting. MIYAMOTO Musashi said:

    Do not think dishonestly
    The Way is in training
    Become acquainted with every art
    Learn the ways of every occupation
    Distinguish between loss and gain in worldly matters
    Develop intuitive judgment and an understanding of all things
    Discern those things that cannot be seen
    Pay attention even to trifles
    Do nothing that is of no use

    The Collection Plate for Castle Church is go buy something nice for your worst enemy.
    Services are to reflect about what role guilt plays in your life.

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