Life, a series of intentions

Setting intentions for the outcome of any situation, long term or short term is you taking ownership of your life. It says I have control over my destiny. I create my reality and this is how I intend to have it look. It takes you from a passenger to the driver of your life.

Most of us live in the belief that life happens to us. To an extent this is very true. The intent only focuses on the outcome; it does not fill in the pieces of how you will arrive there. The beauty is that you don’t have to know the how. If you just sit back and allow the how will unfold with beauty, ease and grace.

Intentions are the secret of all the masters. Those people that have conquered what seemed to be the most impossible feat. You are no different from those you have deemed masters, other than the fact that they allow their good to flow to them.

If you intend to have something and stay true to that intention, it will be! You already do this all day without even realizing it. You intend on waking up and having breakfast. You intend to arrive at work. Little intentions are being set all day in your mind without your conscious awareness of it.

Now is the time to start taking charge. Be more conscious of your intentions. Don’t just intend to arrive at work but, intend to have a peaceful drive to work and arrive refreshed and full of energy to take on a new day!
By setting your intention you are consciously stating what you want to experience in every situation. In setting your intent you are aligning your mind with the universal law of attraction and whatever you request under this law has to be granted to you! By making this a regular practice you can create with clarity the life experience of your choice, rather than just reacting to life, you become the creator.
The world will tell you that you can’t have it all. That is what you have been told your whole life because that is what those who have guided you were told. That is what you see on the television and read in the newspaper. All of those people that are not pursuing the life of their dreams, those people that are living void of passion and purpose, want you to fail so they can feel better about their reasons for never doing anything outside of their level of comfort. Subtle messages from the world, t.v., magazines plant a seed of fear that says, you will not succeed, there are too many risks so why bother getting your hopes up.

The great ones, the ones that are living the life of their dreams are the ones that tune all of that out and decide with a certain amount of passion and commitment that no matter what “It will be.”

You are one of the great ones and this is your time to shine. What is your intent?552361_4603006388894_1656528107_n

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