It’s all in your MIND…

Your predominant thoughts are what you are seeing everywhere you look. Life is reflecting back to you your thoughts. It really is that simple. If you are thinking happy thoughts, life reveals more things to be happy about and vice versa. This is why it is easy to find yourself in a rut. You can experience stagnancy and lack of enthusiasm when you have stopped expanding and expecting more.

You can only see and experience, what you believe is possible. The human mind has the ability to reveal, mold, change, shift and create the world that you are experiencing on a daily basis. The extent of your imagination is the extent of your experience. Your mind is designed to match patterns that already exist within you through conditioning from your environment, family, friends, the media or television. Whether or not you realize it you have a very small realm of experience and unless you are exercising your imagination on a regular basis and trying new things, you are viewing the world through a very small lens and missing all the world has to offer you.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”Albert Einstein

A story that demonstrates this perfectly is the story of when Columbus first came to the new world. The story has always been told that, as the ships were first arriving to the new world, the shaman was summoned to the edge of the water. The shaman had no way of knowing that Columbus and his ships were approaching, he was just following his inner guidance as he approached the edge of the water and stood looking off into the horizon.
He could see the water moving in a strange way. The ripples were telling him that something was moving the water. However, his conscious mind could not see the ships because he was incapable of seeing something so far outside of his realm of perception. The shamans were relied upon as the seers. They had a knowing that had the ability to expand on what they already knew. They had developed strong intuitions and could see things that others could not. They were healers and protectors that could sense danger with enough time to respond to the danger remaining safe. The shaman stood there staring at the ripples in the water until finally he was able to see the ships materialize. When he saw the ships materialize he was able to describe them to everyone else. The others believed so strongly in the shamans abilities to see what they couldn’t see. They too were able to see the ships approaching the shore. How much is going on right now directly in front of our eyes without us being able to see it?
The human brain receives billions of bits of information every day. On average we process only a very small amount of this information. We filter out information that is unimportant to our daily routines. We also have a tendency to slightly warp the information that we do receive to allow it to better fit our attitudes and perspectives. Every one holds their own perception of what happened. Five people could all attend the same event and walk away with five completely different stories of how they viewed the event. This would be even more powerfully displayed if all five people came from drastically different backgrounds, cultures and walks of life.
Pattern recognition by our brains, depends on familiarity to what we are seeing. There were experiments done in the 1960’s by G.F Cooper and Colin Blakemore. In these experiments kittens were raised in cylindrical chambers which had either vertical or horizontal stripes painted on the inside. The kittens wore surgical cone collars to prevent them from seeing their own bodies. So, the kittens were exposed to only one set of lines. Those kittens raised in a vertical only environment made no response to a rod turned horizontal and the kittens raised in a horizontal only environment had no response to a rod turned vertical. The kittens were essentially blind to the rod they had never been exposed to.
The first time I saw one of those holographic/5d pictures I was unable to see the artistic integrity, at first glance. All that I could see was a bunch of jumbled up colors and symbols that meant nothing. The picture was titled “The great eagle.” Figuring that there must be something more to see, I followed the instructions on the back. The instructions said “ let the eyes move out of focus, allowing them to go blurry. They may begin to water or sting. Let the subconscious mind reveal the picture. I followed the instructions and although I was eventually able to allow the picture to reveal itself, it was not an easy task. I am also quite certain that had I not known what I was looking for I may have never been able to look past the conscious mind and reveal the picture. It was amazing how the eagle materialized and seemingly popped out of the picture. I noticed that each time I looked at that picture, it took less effort to see the eagle. Until one day I was looking at the picture and that is all I saw.Start visualizing, daydreaming and creating the unimaginable!425826_4574695241133_150022281_n

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