Hope In the Dark

536343_4611958892701_1319465518_n“I have a surprise I can’t wait to tell you!” How many times have you heard that statement and spent hours in anxious anticipation of what the news could be. Your mind creates these elaborate possibilities all bestowing life changing events. Maybe they won a free vacation and want to take me with. Maybe their employer has a job opening I would be perfect for with a starting pay, double what I make. Maybe that cute CEO noticed me last time I stopped by the office and wants my number. As if money just began to fall from the sky and no one is around except you to catch it, those words bring excitement, wonder and anticipation.

Anticipation in even the smallest doses is a form of hope and hope is powerful and transforming. In hope, fear can no longer exist and the world becomes a place of infinite possibility again! Little seeds of hope are around us all the time just waiting for us to water and nurture them. Instead of burying those seeds in the closet labeled “fear of failure, I don’t deserve love or prosperity, I’m not good enough, I don’t have enough money, resources or help,” clean out your closet. Hope and anticipation couldn’t exist without fear so, embrace your fears, love your worries and coddle your concerns but then release them and launch hope!

Hope is infinite possibilities, love, joy and bliss. Hope is the magical element necessary to cash in your winning lottery ticket and collect all the good that you deserve! Everything you have ever desired is just waiting for you to claim it. The moment that you discover your worth and see that the world needs you to be the very best you, you can be it will all come rushing at you!

Remember the tough times, like when you lost your job, the dark clouds seemed to loom over everything you did dumping rain of despair on your days? You picked yourself up and surrendered to your circumstances remembering that nothing leaves your life unless something better is on it’s way. You embraced your fear, gave yourself a big hug and started thumbing through the classifieds listing all those jobs you always wished you had. You found some hope, a glimmer of everything working out just like it always did in those fairytales as a child. You sent off some resumes or saw you needed some more education and took advantage of unemployment to go to school or find something that better suits you!

Hope can be found in a one dollar lottery ticket, a raffle or a contest “I have a chance, it has happened before.” Hope has you spending your winnings, gazing at catalogs even though your chances are slim to none. It lives in those dating website as you gaze at mr. or miss perfect.

Hope opens you up and reminds you that just as quickly as things went wrong things can go right! When you are sick and doctor after doctor tells you “there’s no use, the end is inevitable” You keep looking until you find that doctor that thinks there is a chance. He is watering your seeds of hope. Hope can heal your body and help to ease even the worst pain. Look for those glimmers of hope all around you and pull them out so they can see the sun. Share those hopes and dreams with everyone that will listen and move through the world bestowing hope on others give them something to believe in. Because what we give out to the world we always get back x’s ten!

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