Can You SEE it?


In the silence she could hear her soul whispering to her, that the greatest wisdoms of all lie in the powerful vastness of a beauty that needs no explanation.

She lay there that moment more present than she had ever been, with no thoughts of her past or her future. she dug her feet into the sand and drew into her lungs the deepest breaths she could, allowing the air to circulate throughout her entire body. She was trying to take it all in. It was then that she wondered quietly to herself “am I a lost soul? Have I come here in this moment in search of guidance or an answer of some sort?” Was it the fact that she felt so small and insignificant sitting there? Watching the sky as it touched the ocean so far away that she could hardly conceive of the distance. “Okay, I am here… now what?” She didn’t know what she expected. A message in a bottle, or a jet to fly by and write something in the sky. Maybe she expected a sage with the answers to the meaning of life to stumble upon her. So, she sat and she waited. Toes dug in the sand, sailboats in the distance, and beauty beyond measure every direction that she looked. She saw the surfers hustling to get into their wet suits before they miss the wave. There were people jogging, bike riding, and sailing. Still feeling very alone and unnoticed she sat in silence and wondered can they see it anymore? Do they see what she saw? Are they thinking about their plans for the evening or what had transpired earlier that day? While right in front of them sits one of the most mesmerizing visions of sheer life force. Below the ever changing, constant movement on the surface exists a vast ecosystem, so complicated we have only just begin to learn it’s importance to our existence. How do we as a whole stop. Just stop, and truly see, with no veils of illusion and through glasses of pure gratitude that we have been given this moment, whatever it may be, so make the best of it. Don’t devour the moment. Instead let each moment linger on your tongue, allowing it to dissolve slowly so you don’t miss the sound of the waves crashing upon the beach or the birds singing in the distance. There might have been a special message hidden in the waves but your mind was too bogged down with the constant, meaningless chatter to hear it.Just a thought!1069223_10201214512860601_1415518900_n